Guest Services Worldwide Limited’s Frequently Asked Questions

• How long will my feature be for?
We offer 12 or 24 month features and it commences from the date the product is delivered. This is specific to the project being discussed and explained through the sales process.

• How do I make payment?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and almost all other major credit cards. You can also make payment via BACS method or Cheque

• Can I renew my Agreement for a further feature at the end of my term?
Yes – renewal business and long term relationships are important to us. We will always provide existing clients with ‘first refusal’ in the next edition and we will endeavour to guarantee the same price and position should they wish to continue. Discounts may also be provided for any upgrades to the feature

• I received a call from a UK number. Was this Guest Services Worldwide?
This is probably the case, this as Guest Services Worldwide’s operations are based in the UK, and the number you will be called from will begin +44. We will never with-hold our caller ID and if you cannot be reached we will leave a voicemail and email address. Simply call us back or email us with a suitable time to contact you back.
Full contact details can be found on our website, the contract that was been signed, and on all emails you will receive.

• Why has my card declined when I attempted to make payment?
Due to our Head Quarters being based in the UK, it is not unusual for a card to decline due to an unrecognised overseas transaction. This does not adversely affect your card facility status, and this is a standard feature some banks and card issuers provide for your security, but the issue to remove the decline is easily resolved. The best practice is to speak with your bank (in advance where possible) to advise you will be making payment and the bank will then authorise, allowing a successful transaction.

• Do I have to create Art Work for my feature, or will you do it for me?
The choice is yours. But an artwork fee may apply if you use our designer team. If you create your own, you will be able to feature exactly what you want to feature however if you are unable to, we have our own in-house Design team who will create it for you. You will be sent ideas and creations to approve and amend as you wish, to ensure you receive maximum exposure in the Luxury Guide.

• I want to query the possibility of being included in a Luxury Tour Guide to advertise my business, with Guest Services Worldwide. Who do I contact?
This is great news and we will be happy to facilitate. We have a dedicated team that deal with recruitment. They are available at info@guest-services.co.uk. Once requested, you will receive a call within 12 hours

• How long will it take before the Luxury Map or Guide is published and in circulation?
The process from point of sale to delivery is dependent on many factors. The guide will have to be approved by the venue client. However, we endeavour to ensure all guides are printed and delivered within 12-16 weeks. The 12/24 month feature will commence when delivered to the venue, so you will not lose any time in circulation from the venue.

• I have chosen to pay in instalments but have financial difficulties at present. What can I do?
Please contact us. All we ask is that you do not ignore contact as we are here to help. Get in touch with us and let us know your circumstances. We have a friendly and dedicated account management team that can talk to you to work out the best plan, moving forward.

• Is it safe to make a payment over the phone?
We use the latest fraud detection software to protect you and your customers. Moreover, we are PCI DSS compliant to ensure your payments are taken securely and safely and we provide the highest level of security the Industry has to offer. All our payment portals are encrypted and are held on our merchant card providers servers and facilities, not our own servers.

• What do I do if I wish to cancel or have a complaint to make?
We have a detailed Complaints Procedure (insert link to complaints page) where you can view all the process and what to expect. Subject to world wide time zone differences, statutory public holidays and weekends, we will endeavour to respond within 72 hours to any request.